Deliust AFC Backend

Deliust offers an open AFC backend for any system to integrate with. We provide flexible yet standardized APIs, simple deployment and configuration options.

Deliust AFC Backend is a set of components that provides the foundation of the end-to-end ticketing service. These components include:

  • Main backend that can serve Deliust mobile app and accept connections from the card validators.
  • Email sending service for account registrations, password resets, etc.
  • Admin dashboard for managing the system.

These components provide the core of the system. Then, you can either choose to use one of our pre-built components or integrate your own services with the Deliust AFC backend. On request we can provide with gRPC and OpenAPI specs for further integration.

Available components to integrate with

  • End-user mobile app to purchase tickets
  • Inspector app to validate tickets
  • End-user self-service portal
  • Distributor API
  • Card validators (for buses, metro, stations with gates, etc.)

System requirements

Backend can be deployed on any major cloud provider or on-prem servers. We heavily rely on containerization for isolation and rolling updates, therefore we don’t have any hard requirements on operating systems, etc.

Hardware requirements:

  • 2 x 4CPU, 8GB RAM servers
  • Network connectivity